October 2015 saw the beginning of a wave of terrorism that has led to 620 attacks (483 in the form of firebombs), compared to 223 in September. 485 attacks occurred in Judea and Samaria and 117 in Jerusalem, compared to September’s 151 and 68 attacks, correspondingly. 11 additional attacks originated in the Gaza Strip (as opposed to 4 in Sep.), and 7 attacks took place within the Green Line

11 people (one foreign national and 10 Israelis) were killed in terrorist attacks in October, and 80 were injured, 37 of them moderately or more severely (one foreign national, 18 Israeli civilians, and 18 members of the security forces).

Among the fatalities, 4 were killed in shootings: 2 near Itamar (1 Oct.) and 2 at Beer Sheva Central Station (18 Oct.). 5 died in stabbings and shootings in Jerusalem: 2 in the Old City (3 Oct.), and 3 on a bus in Armon HaNatziv (13 Oct.). Two more people were killed in vehicle attacks in Jerusalem (13 Oct.) and near Fuar Junction in Hebron (20 Oct.).

Among the non-fatal casualties, 27 were wounded in stabbings. 10 people were injured in Jerusalem, including 2 who were critically and severely wounded in Pisgat Zeev (12 Oct.). 11 people were stabbed within the Green Line: in Petach Tikva, Afula, Gan Shmuel, Raanana, and Beit Shemesh. 5 people were injured in Judea, and one in Samaria.

Terrorist attacks by Jews in October included 2 instances of torching Palestinian vehicles (in Har Brakha on 1 October and Bitilu on 2 October) and 2 stabbings: one in Dimona on 9 October (2 Bedouins and 2 Palestinians stabbed, with one severely, one moderately, and 2 slightly injured) and one in Kiryat Ata on 13 October (with the victim turning out to be Jewish).


Data regarding terror attacks in October 2015

Following is a regional distribution of attacks:  11 attack from the Gaza Strip, (4 in September); 485 attacks in the Judea and Samaria (151 in September); 117 attacks in Jerusalem (68 in September); 7 within the "Green Line" (none in September).

Jerusalem and the Judea and Samaria area: Most attacks executed in October 482 out of 602 were in the form of firebombs (September: 199 out of 219). 



Distribution of attacks according to regions and pattern profile:

Following is a distribution of attacks in October 2015 according to regions:

The Gaza Strip11 attacks:  5 rocket launchings; 4 small arms shooting; 1 AT; 1 firebomb.

Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem – 602 attacks:  36 stabbing (15 in Jerusalem); 23 small arms shooting (3 in Jerusalem); 57 IED (including pipe bombs and improvised grenade) (5 in Jerusalem); 3 run over;  1 blowing of a gas container;  482 firebombs (94 in Jerusalem).

The "Green Line" 7 attacks: 6 stabbing; 1 small arms shooting.

High-trajectory launchings from Gaza Strip and Sinai

Throughout October 2015 7 rockets were launched** from the Gaza Strip towards Israel (in 5 attacks) as opposed to 4 in September.  

**Clarification: The number of launchings is the number of rockets/mortar shells actually launched during one high-trajectory fire attack. For example: one attack may include a salvo of three launchings, that is, three rockets/ mortar shells, and so it will be counted as one attack and three launchings.