Five were arrested on suspicion of receiving money dishonestly after article listing pupils and teaching positions at pictivitbtom organization covert investigation in cooperation with the Ministry of education enforcement wing, arrested five residents of Jerusalem, Beitar Tel Aviv, lift the suspicion that in the past were fictitious organization called hope of salvation for millions of dollars in fraud.

The suspects received financial support from the Ministry of education for many years, after their article that the Association sponsored runs to school students, all based on false statements of teaching jobs and registering students, including students who are not citizens of the country.

Another suggests that the suspects would spend the funds from the account of the Association by registered checks and cashed them in cash foreign currency exchange booths. Total extent of fraud amount stands at three million. Today the investigation became visible and Bunco investigators of Jerusalem in cooperation with the enforcement section Ministry of education stopped the suspects and searching for apartments and more.

Translated from Hebrew