Two residents of Jerusalem who worked in Eilat intended to plant explosives in a hotel in the city. The attack was thwarted thanks to aovdimhothr advertising awareness: that two residents of Jerusalem were planning to carry out bombing in one of the hotels in Eilat. (V) South District Attorney (criminal) charges against the two, who worked at the same time, for the offense of conspiracy to aiding the enemy during the war. The attack was thwarted due they’il of staff who reported to the hotel management and security.

According to the indictments filed by the lawyer Amin ewicted-ash 1, the defendants acknowledged their common framework at Eilat, two months ago, the current wave of terrorism, decided to carry out an attack against Jews out of a desire for revenge in Israel. First consider to carry out sting but later chose planting the explosives.

The indictments of Justice that the accused made observations outside the hotel and track religious group hataracha. At the same time learn one of the defendants about how to prepare explosives via the Internet while his friend studied the structure and presented false representation to which he wants to rent a room at a time, and because it wished to see the different rooms and interested among other things in the room that is located below the dining room, thinking to plant the luggage. Another asked how many hits your doorstep, hotel occupancy is expected to reach a group of religious property, etc.

The suspect’s questions triggered suspicion of the receptionist and the Manager interface which reported him to the management and security. Testing of the security personnel and the Eilat police intervention led to the arrest of the accused and thus thwart their plan to harm innocent civilians.

Translated from Hebrew