The officers spotted the teenager triggered suspicion and when asked to relate drew a knife and noterlbmsgret operational readiness in d.c. noticed police officers stationed at the bar who arouses suspicion. When the policemen approached to examine the suspicious and asked him for identification, the suspect pulled out a knife and tried to stab the officers one of the officers managed to repel him and deflect the knife, another officer drew his weapon and opened fire at the lower body and torso of the bomber’s leg.

Despite the attacks, the bomber began to escape a knife in his hand running. Officers carried out a foot pursuit followed, during which carried another shooting at the legs. The bomber, 16 North Jerusalem, disabled and stopped. From the scene were evacuated in damaged young and hurt her leg.

Also yesterday, an attempted stabbing in Jerusalem: a bus arrived in Alma Street in Armon Hanatziv neighborhood, pulled out a knife, tried to stab, unsuccessfully, and fleeing the scene. In combing that began around the arena immediately upon receiving the event, captured the suspect description was provided to police officers.

Translated from Hebrew