Ten officers received recognitions from Eilat municipality and space due to their involvement in prevention of terrorism event and capturing hbltaodoth recognition awarded today (Mon) to nine officers and the Commander of the Jeep Commander, Eilat Roy thanks to thwart terrorist event and capturing a terrorist who committed Eilat police in recent months. The diplomas awarded by Mayor Meir Itzhak Halevi, Commander of Eilat, Jurga נצ”מ.

On 19 October the Eilat Street stabbing Golani Brigade event, during which stabbed a resident
By city, who planned the event delivered even left behind a suicide note. The perpetrator was caught shortly and additional right
Determination and responsiveness of Eilat, police officers of sergeant major freight Yaniv I roll
And major AVI Malka and rigorous work of the Investigations Office in Eilat
ABI, and undulating Commander under space agenda — officer Superintendent Danny.

Second event occurred on 30 November, during an attack in a hotel in Eilat, alertness
Of staff and responsiveness of Eilat police who acted in conjunction
And the province’s פח”ע squad. Under the intelligence officer, Captain Sharon Zanetti, major Michelle 1, connect all and led to the capture of a suspect.
And to prevent the fatal event.

Alongside the personal certificates to officers who worked during the events were also being given certificates.
Arrays, including: Head Office of intelligence and Detective Superintendent rubinshtein, head, Office of community policing, Superintendent
David Levy, police officer, Commander, officer afriat Tsachi eg Superintendent Danny.

Police Commander Eilat noted praise the police and border police, and specify the
The involvement and significant caring of the Mayor regarding the peace and security of the residents of
The city and its guests.

“The officers and space in prestigious events and prestigious and brought to the fore
High professional skills and core values of determination and responsibility, “stated Mayor
And India and space them about their behavior and dedication to protect the city’s residents. Mayor
Added note to commend the cooperation between municipal and security systems.

“We are prepared, alert and persistent vigilance” specify a control space and added:
“We will continue to do true security for city residents and guests. Mayor
Concluded and said: “you deserve many appreciation on behalf of the city of Eilat.

Translated from Hebrew