Head of compliance officer audits shatters all myths about MBD

צילוום: דובר צה”ל

No need to hide thoughts and opinions, not psychotherapy port Commission and sculpted, no need to prepare for “tree” that have long been cancelled-major Eyal Fogel explains what really examine what the psychologists study Commission

תאריך: 12/02/2016, 09:00    
מחבר: נטע לוי, אתר צה”ל

How to get the shoulders holding correspondence audits and challenges in being considered for defense service looking into adjusting the students Commission, and during basic training and the courses they move, their friends and commanders rank ’em ishiotit speaking. Quite a few soldiers who discovered Commission begin the journey in search of a lead on walking tests and tips for successfully online and in various forums. Head of Commission audits unit, Maj. Eyal Fogel tells how truly identify who fits the explosives officers and some myths along the way.

The formula for leadership

Commission adjustment is determined by a formula that includes several components: קב”א data (quality) over 52 and Depp (initial aptitude test) over 60, document sociometri (personally) that soldiers and boot camp courses filled about deals, reviews of psychologist and occupational tryout match for the quiz. Whether the applicant has received high marks in all the ingredients he found suitable for leadership, even if not given the opportunity to appeal or to get abnormally.

Not just numbers: the very behaviors affect the tests

In recent years the IDF emphasizes maximum on the personality, character and mental strength of the officers, and weight can those topics during the tests. “We try to give a place to test their validity is, and such proven link between them and success as a performance,” says Maj. Fogel. “For example, a test that includes simulations of daily life of Sir and dealing with dilemmas, and teaches us much more than the grind of painting and examine how long or how thick roots. This particular test, find amivenim a decade ago, so there’s nothing to prepare, “he added with a laugh.

“We want to know the real nature of the subjects, not what they were told to play”

During psychological tests, the soldiers will computerized questionnaire of 240 questions, invent stories imaginations based on pictures to display them, personal conversation with one of the psychologists of generation and more. Surprisingly the psychologists are not necessarily looking for applicants to write a story with a moral, but rather examine whether they were loyal to himself and things straight. “There’s a lot of tests information online, like the pictures, for example, makes our job more difficult. We want to know the true nature of who and what they were told they needed to play, “explains major Fogel. “We do not want officers hide the thoughts and opinions of their truths. Indeed, every coin has two sides and sometimes the fact that the applicant prepare for test suggests seriousness, commitment and ability to extract information. My advice is that you have to balance the two explore and learn but also be yourself. “

It is important that any soldier who received a negative answer would come to hear why the garden did not pass the test

The staff psychologists need to identify among thousands of applicants those strong enough mentally and m.a. in order to command the best soldiers. To do this they start clinical diagnosis-imposition of port Commission veto on troops found in groups: some poor soldier himself, the environment, or the military. Motel Moto average eight percent of all examinees. To be fair the lottery is determined by two psychologists, and the soldier has the right to appeal the decision and receive feedback from reviewers. “Sometimes, not just take no for an answer and it is determined by a psychologist,” explains the head of the section. “People tend to think that means they’re insane or wrong, so it’s important that every soldier who received a negative answer would come to hear what the reason is. Should understand the fact you didn’t go through er-not an indication you’re man less successful. “

Therapy before or is not driven to port Commission

Another important myth destroyed Fogel smash is afraid to admit patient psychiatrist or psychiatrist, past or present. If previously treated in the mental health officer (קב”ן), in the Centre of o or any private Institute or clinic you can still be an excellent officer. “Sometimes the fact a person recognized in himself and went to attend can come as a right to. This move signifies great mental powers, responsibility, desire to solve problems and stimulate-features we’re looking for at our officers, “he said. “However, a case-by-case basis. It really depends on where you are in the process of solving the problem, and sometimes we would prefer to wait and let time take its course, “he explained.

According to the figures, three-quarters of the soldiers and the back half of the soldiers arriving to the test match stage for the military pass it successfully. “After the evaluation phase of employment from IAF member would have to approve a final exam by number, and available roles that exist at the same time,” adds Maj. Fogel. “There is no doubt that this is a rigorous classification procedure and short, but eventually it is important to keep the troops news best suited the frame contribute military and know how to donate her back.”

Translated from Hebrew