New: the application that will help you to become officers.

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Go to her? New trivia app will help you to prepare for the entrance exams for school officers || “Learning through today app is much more attractive,” Developer app

תאריך: 08/02/2016, 15:00    
מחבר: נדב זק, אתר צה”ל

A new application called Imperial champion, will help you swim your way to be officers. “The application is suitable for our generation, the younger generation, accustomed to do everything over the phone,” said the Deputy in charge of development, Emir aldobaldasher who served as Deputy Commander of a frame made to Commission in her 6. So what is? It summarizes the book’s 200 pages complexion which is required reading if you want to go and is Commission similar to the actual test. In addition, you can find dozens of questions addressing various issues related to legacy with Israel. “We get a lot of feedback from anywhere,” said Sgt. Ben-Moshe. “There are places, like the Navy, for example, embraced the app and send us all the time points for improvement.

New: the application that will help you to become officers.

Open the Vice aldobaldasher and Ben Moses era the profit unit from six months in conjunction with the 6 and time. Recently won the אט”ל Prize in quality training category. According to our age, the transition to smart learning is necessary also in the military, as evidenced by the success of the application. “Learning through today app is much more attractive and the cadets”, shared with Sgt. Ben-Moshe. “We see a lot of soldiers first use app and then set out to learn from the book which helps them to understand the material much more easily.

Translated from Hebrew