Parachute man

צילום: אוסף פרטי

He dropped more than 1000 exits, the paratroopers and sons served in the unit. His wife is the parachuting school which served as mkaplat parachutes, and even their wedding cake was shaped like a parachute.

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מחבר: אביגיל בוקובזה, אתר צה”ל

The Colonel (Ret.) adhie we perceive on a windy day with strong winds. “On a day like this I wouldn’t recommend dropping,” he laughs. Most recently he was the Commander of the parachute school and flying. Colonel (Ret.) Dwek paratroopers, raised in and through continued in parachuting from a RA – Central flying organization. He knows the parachute like the back of his hand and the experience for most of us is like a once-in-a-lifetime thing he experienced as a matter of routine when more than 1000 shbamtachto exits “Isn’t it dangerous?” he asked, “here I am. Besides-most dangerous road “.

“The military option and operational not to give her” share Colonel (Ret.) Dwek. “Using the jump you can surprise the enemy and bring the enemy line. At the end, where aerial weapons can’t do the job, people should do the same and there are several ways for that, or get a noidim on the ground or fly or drop them, “said. “The last option enables stealth and dynamic space to perform a variety of actions. Fall world series of modifications in the country and in the world are developing technologies that enable today’s hit and equipment using GPS and maneuvering capabilities of remote chute. Some of the capabilities of clients.

Another role of parachuting is standard equipment grant. Namely, new equipment coming should examine whether and how to go. We provide drop capabilities and placing new equipment. All sensitive equipment and airdrop should be adjusted, we actually provide the ability to perform “fall.

Parachute man

“It’s unnatural to drop rather than normal to leave you, passing the threshold of fear, share Colonel (Ret.) Dwek. “It’s also the reason that anyone who drops without exception and regardless of his level of faith prayer reader to paratrooper,” he smiles. He can absorb the very great pleasure of free atzniacha, is IDF parachuting training for operational purposes. “You can reach skill level of control over the body in the air and perform all kinds of actions in the air while falling. Your body can become like a small air plane that runs over him all power and vibration organs’s willingness to reach flight levels of the body.

Colonel (Ret.) adhie is jumper every organs רמ”ח His career began with a 890 paratroopers battalion and a parachuting parachuting school, then moved to roles that naturally became the Commander. To this day he likes to reach and reserve unit. The senior wife shshirta as mkaplat unit parachutes and the two were married. At the wedding, the wedding cake was shaped like a parachute. Two sons served in the Red Division and would join next year – after them.

“It was a miracle.”

One memorable event that he practiced parachuting in the Palmach, then served as an officer the unit אג”ם.  “While the wounded had announced, to bring a helicopter to turn him. When it turned out the guy puts the wrong way you track that opens the parachute and she cut his wrist, “he recalls. “We started scanning the vast space of the base of פלמ”חים and of 5 min. find the severed penis. Everybody asked what to do and gave orders to bring. Tell me I’m crazy, but I told them not to ask questions that brought out another helicopter and flown the Palm after the soldier “. The next day when he came to the hospital he saw the soldier moves. “He told me thank you and the hand he puts tefillin on her. After that due to a system installed on his car he was also a shooting attack. It was a miracle. “

The deep attraction of a reserve Colonel, Dwek, the jump can be found in family roots. “My uncle was a welcome Guide to skydiving and senior officer, watching him and all this area and sitting on high led me.”

Parachute man
Translated from Hebrew