The new Division is underway with the first exercise of its kind, the Commander of the 98th: “it’s a new look, a new tool that will allow us to stand out in some capabilities we’ve seen to date.”

תאריך: 03/02/2016, 14:20    
מחבר: אביגיל בוקובזה, אתר צה”ל

In a historic moment: the new commando Division finished today (Wednesday) regimental exercise first. Unique exercise lasted four days fighting the elite units for moment. ranging from one destination to another, jump to the next target. “The Division will no longer be Commando Brigade but Division acts as a” commando force, said the Commander, Brig. Gen. URI 98th Gordin. “The way we put the missing units. There’s a new look, a new tool that will allow us to stand out in some of the capabilities we’ve seen to date. “

He said the new Division would be sharper, more diverse, and can offer new solutions to existing challenges. “We’re dealing with a lot of conservation units. There is a huge opportunity for building strength and giving new tools, “said Brig. Gen. Gordin. “Amal of Central Division is the people. People from immigrants who can’t face the task impressively.

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One of the main challenges in the exercise, which took place in the northern Jordan Valley, and is a combination of power between units, “this is the first time that the units meet each other and everything was new, shared pomegranate unit company, Lieutenant. “The main challenge was the work and cooperation between units, each unit has a basket as a service and its own unique skills that she knows how to do best with which she can help and give service to another unit,” explained. “The exercise, the exercise Regiment, is part of a very important and significant because construction can be found in the existing and missing lessons for next time,” said. “There is no doubt that there was a very good opening strike. When you take some good things and some of them come out better.

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“Today the formal shaping and tendons,” concluded Captain Commando Brigade, Colonel David Zini. “This process began six weeks ago and ends today, nor will end tomorrow. We have a long way to go where we have to face many challenges and learn from them, until its progressive shaping of the Commando Brigade.

Viewed: commando Division practice
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