Computers and large-scale media materials were seized. The task for timshchaium offenders
(I) 15 suspects were detained for questioning on suspicion of distribution and possession of pedophilia by unit
Israel’s national police. It also seized computers and large-scale media materials.

The activity
Is a product of ongoing activities initiated in the intelligence realm, and investigative technology that was
Thanks to an intensive and active presence of the police on the Internet and advanced technologies that are
The only authority.

In accordance with
Investigation and development to examine materials seized be brought who suspects of a request to extend the detention
In court.

The gravity of the offences and the distribution of obscene material violates pedophile paints clowns, in nature materials
Documenting sexual abuse difficult for minors and police work to locate both the victims and the perpetrators.
The police uncovered many instances in which the perpetrators carried out the sexual violation of minors via the Internet
While they are active threats and manipulations in order to reduce or reduced to perform an act of a sexual nature
Themselves. Just this week sentenced a convicted of dozens of rapes of minors, all through
The Internet, to 18 years in prison, after a procedure that began with police and drug induced exposure procedure
In court by the District Attorney’s Office.

Highway patrol
Israel through cyberspace and counties throughout the country will continue firm and professional activity to reveal
Strikes and locating the perpetrators and interrogation.

Translated from Hebrew