Many police forces to reinforce the units okapzzo area of the province. The increased alert during the holidays timshchrb
(2) an explosion in a bus in the street Moshe Baram in Jerusalem. 21 casualties were evacuated from the scene, two
Critically, seven medium mode and others.

Upon receipt
Reporting the explosion were called to the scene in many police forces. Alongside rescue and salvage operations
Of casualties began an investigation of the incident by bomb squad technicians, forensics
And shut down and investigators.

To investigate
This event indicates that an IED exploded at the rear of the bus caused the injury of passengers.
The blast hit a bus and a private car that passed nearby. Following the blast, a fire
By bus.

In the field.
Was evaluation led by Jerusalem District Commander and okapzzo forces and professional units to reinforce the ground forces
And increased and presence of the police. 100 attraction of the district.
Also reinforce other forces.

Repeatedly mentioned that if you are an exceptional event, refer to 100. Cops
And many Jihad fighters throughout the city to preserve confidence in holidays

Translated from Hebrew