Thousands of police officers deployed through the holiday and entertainment audience concentrations to maintain public order and to boost the tnoahamshtert Israel completed the preparations for Passover, which this year will apply between 22-29.4.16, during which Israel will house the hordes of parks, forests and recreation complexes and various holy places in the capital.

During the preparation of Israel Police operational alert level raised to level 3. Thousands of police officers deployed through the holiday and recreation areas to address public security and increasing a sense of security along with handling public order and traffic.

Meanwhile will be increased activity against illegal stay, with an emphasis on targeted enforcement against transporting, mlinim and employers, along with increased enforcement along the border line.

As every year, the wing movement increased significantly throughout holidays, are handling traffic arrangements and traffic flow on major routes on holidays and during Chol hamoed and focus enforcement against drunk driving and traffic offences defined as bullying.

We call for vigilant not to hesitate to contact 911 or any abnormal event 100. In addition, the national information center of Israel, the police 110, will be available for answering your questions.

Despite the decline in the sector consistent property offenses, we recommend the public stayed indoors for extended periods during the holiday, a number of preventive actions, including:
Recommended light in several rooms in the House.
Keeping garden lighting on thief usually emerges under cover of darkness
Do not leave the key in the “sellers” places such as: electrical cabinet or under the plant entrance mat
It is advisable to leave the radio on that simulates the presence of people (not volume that could disturb the neighbors.)
Update close neighbors to stay outside long to notice suspicious things and contact you if necessary.
To help next-door neighbor to pick letters, newspapers are stacked in the House that might indicate the long iadrotchm
If you choose to share your social networks about the experiences and photos from resorts, we recommend that you set the viewing capabilities for members only

Translated from Hebrew