The detainees are suspected of offenses of disorderly, terrorism, possession of weapons and more. Eighteen suspects were summoned for questioning. During the was attacked with an IED task force, there were no police npgaimchohot and jungle fighters operating in Issawiya
In East Jerusalem, as part of a police operation as part of the fight against terrorism, holding weapons violations
Order and crime. The activity began during the night and so far arrested 31 suspected of involvement in offences
In severe disruptions and riots. Eighteen more people were summoned for questioning. In addition to a selection of discarded
Invalid alantam suspects were summoned for questioning.

During the explosive sound activities nearby
It operated. A search found an explosive hose type, there were no casualties.

The activity is carried out in cooperation with the authorities.
Additional enforcement for the lawful residents and as part of the course includes improving the quality of life in the neighborhood.
Operations will continue as long as it takes, as part of a goal to formalize the process includes compliance and enforcement law deters
As serial offenders.

Translated from Hebrew