Jamal hachrosh took the stairs, and spearhead the headmistress to be established to improve and approach the police services arbeimg hachrosh settlements received today (Wednesday) that the Chief Executive and the spearhead to be established and improvement approach in police services. Hachrosh is the first Arab Israel Police.

Hachrosh (59), is married with four children, resident of Kafr Kanna. He began his career in Israel in 1978, as a Commandant at Explorer. After completing the course, officers served as an officer on patrol station and later in the line of command positions in Zebulon and Haifa and Nahariya stations Commander Afula, and Zebulon. He also served as Deputy Head of the movement, Deputy Commander of coast province and Deputy Commander of the province.

The police chief said hachrosh is the granting of degrees: “Jamal, and I believe in you and know you will also the most complex, you came in today. I welcome you to Sepp of Israel Police, and you can be part of the senior command Avenue, which fulfill the goals, vision and way of Israel. It’s time to admit to the hachrosh on the long way it walks. Now there is a generation, which does honour to the family. You deserve some peace after years of sacrifice and so long before Jamal’s big task. “

“Israel will continue to require the police to strengthen services provided every citizen in the State of Israel, will be part of the mosaic, which happens.  A long way but walk it together, “added the Commissioner.

Translated from Hebrew