70 representatives of families from Rahat participated the meeting which aims to eradicate the weddings among all families and prevent the danger of shared media hiimpailot to prevent shooting at weddings took place by the notables of the city neighborhoods
Furnish and Israel Police was held tonight (Wednesday) attended by about 70 representatives of the families.
From these neighborhoods.

The participants expressed their esteem for public enterprise, exposing them to serious results and impact.
Passersby and visitors to weddings and gunfire wounded alongside enforcement actions
Held among the families that their children marry. This is from the preliminary information with the family.
Signing an undertaking not be shooting the wedding and later performing arrests and investigation in case report
Firing at her wedding.

The dignitaries who took part in the Conference call for everyone’s cooperation and support during the shooting at weddings.
The police reported that the first Joint Conference for police and dignitaries and there is plans to make
All neighborhoods in the city of Rahat and there information activities designed to eradicate the weddings
Among all families.
Another noted that along with the ongoing information determined enforcement against those who violate the law and fires
The wedding while he’s putting himself and others.

Translated from Hebrew