The “Herev Magen” (“Defensive Sword”) Unit which operates the “Arrow 2” Long Range Missile Interception System is in the process of absorbing a new software block and is preparing for the acquisition of the new interceptor “Arrow 3”

Tal Giladi | Translation: Ohad Zeltzer Zubida

“Your unit has a significant and important job – walking a paved road while simultaneously pioneering a new one”, Brig. Gen. Zvika Haimovich, Commander of the IAF’s Aerial Defense Division, stated with pride to the “Patriot” SAM Division Combatants in the Palmachim Airbase. The Division, which operates the “Arrow” Interception System, is currently in an integration process for the improved “Arrow 3” that will defend Israel from long distance enemy missile threats. The Aerial Defense Division is also in the process of absorbing the new “David’s Sling” System. Revolutionary changes are occurring in the Aerial Defense Division.

“The ‘Arrow 3’ will constitute of a significant addition in interception distances and will give us the ability to launch an additional missile towards a target in case the first missile missed the target on the first launch”, Maj. Eyal, the battery commander, explained the major changes the new addition will bring. “Our unit accompanies the defense industries throughout the work process on the system, however our significance does not only amount to our influence on the product the IAF needs, but also through active participation in exercises and experiments”.

Shooting an “Arrow” Into the Future

Brig. Gen. Zvika Haimovich | Photo by: Ayelet Eder

While operating the “Arrow 2” system, all of the unit’s personnel are simultaneously undergoing conversion training for operating the “Arrow 3” system and studying its operation method. “We’re very busy with the absorption of the new system, but simultaneously our duty is to routinely maintain operational readiness and not lose our ability to quickly apply force while strengthening”, noted Maj. Eyal. The “Arrow 2 system is also in a process of receiving new software block which will significantly improve its operational abilities.

The absorption of new systems in the current amount and technological strength is a precedent in the professional and operational abilities of the Aerial Defense Division. “Thanks to the ‘Arrow 2’s new software block, we will be able to automatically see which system among the different weapons systems in the division is available and which one is available in real time and appropriate for the task at hand. This will significantly quicken the interception process and make it more efficient”, clarified Maj. Eyal.
“We do not have the privilege of hanging up a sign that says ‘closed for building'”, the Aerial Defense Division Commander related. “There is an understanding that at any point in time, an event may occur in the north or south, simultaneously with the division’s strengthening of abilities and new systems”.

Shooting an “Arrow” Into the Future

Photo by: Ayelet Eder