Nine suspects have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling meat in terms of the Palestinian Authority and selling to restaurants and shops in violations ziofbachodshim
The latter investigation was conducted in the central unit of the SJ district of South American meat import sailboat
Intended for the Palestinian Authority. The investigation was conducted in conjunction with the spread of agriculture,
The tax authority (diamond and tax investigations) and the Ministry of health.

According to
Network suspected of smuggling of Palestinians and Israelis put in dishonestly the meat from the Palestinian Authority
The road cost Israel double walls and clearing house systems. Contraband meat to Israel
Sold to leading restaurants and various shops there and selling fake meat, dates
The expiration of the meat products, slaughter and dates of training. In addition raises for committing crimes of concealing deals.
And omitting income in Israel.

The case.
Indicates that a Palestinian importer which purchased meat intended for the Palestinian Authority in South America, import it.
I’d like to port. Haifa port the goods delivered to the warehouse-RAM and smuggled meat in different methods
Israel areas through various checkpoints in conditions contrary to Department of health guidelines and risk
Public safety. Contraband goods came to the warehouse in the industrial area
Atarot, where packaged up forging the signatures and dates, veterinary certificates. After
Packaging of meat products (that is not appropriate for human consumption) is distributed to restaurants and shops selling

Nine members of the network were arrested and brought for questioning in police questioning of the main unit of the Prefecture
SJ during the night searches were seized about 30 tons, tens of thousands of dollars in cash and a tool
A vehicle used to commit the offences. The affair is now in the phase of investigation and expected arrests.
And interrogation of dozens of other customers.

Translated from Hebrew