Type charges three suspects indicted for murder offences and conspiracy to murder another man for assisting the prolonged investigation rtzhabthom and intelligence efforts worldwide, will today (Tuesday) an indictment for the murder of Mustafa Elvis and 56-year-old Ramadan Adrian 29 residents of Ramla on November 27, 15.

During the investigation the investigators filed to evidentiary indicted in murder and conspiracy to murder against a 36-year-old resident Ayman Raja Harish, Salah ג’רושי, and 36-year-old Hussam kshot 33-year-old from Ramleh and against Sharif as Rajasthan for accessory to murder.

The investigation revealed that kshot material, which acquired trust of Ramadan Elvis, hosted in his house the night of the murder and 11:15 pm shot in Dave’s head Ramadan and then stabbed to death father Mustafa and fled from the House. Two days after the murder came from Romania to Israel kshot, was arrested on 18/1/16 joint activities of Israel and Romania police in coordination with Israel Police representative in Eastern Europe.

On 15/3/16 was turned over to kshot Israel and arrested the other suspects. The detention of the four was extended from time to time, and with the case forwarded indicted for murder and conspiracy to murder and detention until the end of the proceedings.

Another suspicion that a Rajput family in Ramadan and Dave are responsible for the double homicide of Helmi Murad as Bragg and shunt eagles on December 24, 14. Based on suspicion they sought to avenge the deaths of the two by sending kshot to the task.

Another occurred in the investigation that the double homicide of Ramadan and his father Dave, Ayman as Raja mass party in the community, it seems the two praise, cursing them, has carried out revenge and firing of firearms shooting with. For the conduct of the party were accused of offences as well as Ayman Rajput weapons.

In view of the Israel Police launched an effort of forensic technology and systems, along with scores of investigation involved, which led to the formation of evidential planned to murder event details. The District Attorney’s Office was investigating.

Translated from Hebrew