During Chol hamoed will be closed to traffic for several blocks in the city. The County officers are enhanced powers to save the sdermshtert Jerusalem completed preparedness for feasts and celebrations characterized Nissan about.
Pilgrimage to Jerusalem. At the same time for Passover holiday that Christians celebrate Easter in the Holy Fire ceremony in the Church
The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem which will take place on 30.4.16.

Jerusalem police, commandos and volunteers to fan out across the city,
Homie, shopping centers and markets, around the old city and its environs to save synagogues
Order and security, the security, and traffic.

Of preparation during pre holiday, which placed Jerusalem police, fighters and volunteers
Throughout the city, and who places and shopping centers. The current security and Jerusalem envelope security
Iaova to prevent the entry of hostile activity and tthogber factors in the movement.

The following streets will be closed to vehicles on weekdays, Sundays-Wednesdays (24-27.4.16), from
7 am to 8 pm:
Hebron-mariamne Street toward the old city
1-city national headquarters towards the old city
Thesaurus-toward anyway.
The Jerusalem Brigade in both directions.
The city
The old closed to private vehicles except local residents. Vehicles carrying handicapped character come into town.
Zion gate, old, coming from the direction of Hebron, David Remez.

Passengers on public transport in the city is possible free parking in the Park and ride lots in Pinnacle
Wolf ammunition Hill and mount Herzl. Light rail will operate on the frequency increased.

At the event
‘ The priestly blessing (25.4.16) and light (30.4.16) activity tthogber around the old town
And its movement hinges worshippers and the Western Wall. The public
Please refrain from coming to the city in private vehicles and to use public transport
The free isaai of the Park and ride lots, and light rail.

Highway patrol
Jerusalem will work an amount of balances in order to allow all worshippers of religions
To exercise their freedom of religion and worship, on the preservation of safety and well-being.

Call for residents to be patient and follow the instructions.

Translated from Hebrew