Activists suspect that the spread transaction support from Sri Lanka outlawed pirate radio service in ratabocr
(Tuesday) arrested two members of the northern branch of the Islamic movement on suspicion that he got into broadcasting
In pirate radio and distribute content underpins the movement outlawed.

At the end of
Covert investigation raided last night Israel Police detectives on pirate radio in Rahat studios and broadcast radio.
In his 20s and a resident of Rahat suspected of carrying pirated radio transmissions and on suspicion of unlawful association.
During the undercover investigation collected evidence announcing pirated radio transmissions and broadcast content
The Islamic movement.

The arrest was carried out search and confiscated broadcasting equipment used for illegal radio broadcasts. The day has come
The suspect for extending arrest and detention has been extended until Friday. Enforcement
The visible and invisible against the Islamic movement activities that outlawed continues.

Translated from Hebrew