Five suspects, including managers and employees chose Israeli holdings and related companies, were azaraiachida
The national police questioned today (Tuesday) a warning five suspects on suspicion of committing crimes provision
Bribes to foreign public official, obtaining for aggravated fraud, violations of the prohibition of money laundering law
And offences against the Ordinance by managers and employees in Israeli holding company and related companies

The investigation.
Started following suspicion from law committed hickor products unit for the case in a foreign country,
Within the framework of international cooperation between Israel Police enforcement authorities around the world.

According to
Officials suspected Israeli holding company and related companies with fraudulently won agreements for projects
Monetary volume in a foreign country, in Exchange for bribes paid to a public servant in that country.
It also raises the suspicion that one of the projects were involved in a large-scale fraud charge as payment.
They were entitled to.

In the framework of
The investigation has so far collected evidence and carried out searches in offices of companies that allegedly involved and this morning.
Started with a warning of some of their men. After interrogation were released to their homes in mixed conditions
Limit including contact Island exit. Two of the suspects set the terms of house arrest.
For five days.

The investigation.
Is managed in cooperation with the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, and official investigations Tel
In the tax authority and the Tel Aviv District Attorney (and taxation). The investigation.

Translated from Hebrew