The resulting infrastructure is suspicious that Prof m performed 2 cases of sex crimes, murder and arson of two Israel Police nshimachokri
Evidentiary formulated against Prof m, 26-year-old, our peril
It performed two sex crimes, arson and murder of two women. The arrest of the suspect.
Extended after the special investigation team of investigators, the case filed by Attorney Declaration
The intention to press charges against him.

A national investigation team conducted a complex investigation, using a variety of means and
Hkirthis, intelligence, technological and operational investigators, police units across the country.
The findings of the investigation helped formulate evidential for the indictment against the suspect, for performance
The offenses attributed to him in two events, one two months ago in Ashdod and the other about three
For years.

The investigation team will continue in his efforts to locate victims and other events
And the events that baniinam there is difficulty in formulating the resulting infrastructure providing for the filing
An indictment.

Translated from Hebrew