Jerusalem police preparedness completed prior to Memorial Day events and independence day. Thousands of police officers will secure the ceremonies and celebrations atzmaotmshtert memory
Jerusalem the preparedness for Memorial Day and independence day which will take place between
Thousands of
Policemen Jerusalem, majestic warriors and volunteers will be stationed throughout the city and its surroundings in order to maintain order.
Public safety and property, and movement, with an emphasis to public events
And State and security at events and ceremonies.

An array
Ongoing security and security in iaova Jerusalem envelope to prevent the entry of hostile elements, performed a task
Increased against perpetrators and crimes are staying illegally, emphasis to enforcement against driving,
Employers and credible. Also, barriers
Stationary and mobile checkpoints at the entrances to the town and deployed traffic mobility in motion axes.

100 attraction
Ithogber in order to respond to emergencies and in addition, the police information center 110 dial stand
Available to the public for information.

Evening day
The Israel fallen soldiers and victims of hostilities


Yad LeBanim Memorial “– 4:00
The streets
Burgess, and courthouse to zevulun hammer, House will be closed to traffic.  Buses drive families
The nation of the bereaved to the scene.

-A memorial service in the Western Wall Plaza 21:00 – 20:00. Between
6 pm-10 pm be blocked to vehicles from Jaffa Gate traffic through cover to
Worst Goren (western entrance), peace Kennel until dung, landscaping, Garden of Gethsemane up
• Transportation
Towards the Western public gets to the Givati parking lot.

“Sing and remember” at Sultan’s pool 10 pm – 6 pm.

Yom hazikaron and Israel independence day Eve the 68

An array
Ithogber movement and function and regulation of traffic throughout the city and especially the region mount Herzl
And top delegates to him. Traffic arrangements:

From 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., close to street traffic Samuel byte from
Byte – Herzl Boulevard to Flash and you won’t be able to begin to rise toward the street.

From 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., closed to private traffic axis Herzl Blvd.
Apt to node-node Herzl. This route becomes two-way traffic in favor of isaai
The free and public transportation only.

00 will be closed to vehicles Herzl Boulevard axis from Kiryat hayovel gingerbread to.
Hi man-junction Beit hakerem in favor of dispersing the crowd quickly.

Start the fireworks at Mount Herzl ceremony, the beacons, close to Avenue axis vehicles
Herzl between Netherlands node for a node.

Free parking and airport shuttle:

For the benefit of
The ceremonies will free parking lots as follows: national parking, International Convention Center,
Teddy, the Zoo train, parking lot, garden and parking lot gates Hall.  Run
Aisaai free buses out of the parking lots. Shaare Zedek parking runs an adjusted
For the disabled. Sex
Turn in rate relief and mount Herzl memorial ceremonies. In addition, placed in central position to stop distributing free tickets to the ceremonies from 08:00 until 13:00.
At the end of
Fleets await ceremonies as follows: scatter to the parking shuttle
Yankees (UM, binyanei hauma and CBS) wait between Mt. Herzl military parking lot to the Netherlands. Southern car parks (Gan
Live train technology, dampened, Teddy, Shaare Zedek and waiting halls in view). Fast ports signage Herzl
Refer to transportation.

Independence day – traffic arrangements

PM-3 block to traffic the following axes: the King
George Paris square to Jaffa and the streets leading to it, Hillel Street, menasseh Ben Israel into two
Directions, Helena of adiabene, Rav Kook, the Histadrut, the constant, constant, Neve Zohar,
Rabbi Akiba, Ben Sira, Yanai, Cyrus.

Of independence

Highway patrol
Jerusalem calling for the public to use public transport and free maintains operated aisaai
Listed. We ask the public to adhere to laws and regulations, to abide by the provisions of the law, to take
The necessary precautions and to contact police if necessary.

Translated from Hebrew