The gate leading towards klandiia and now, open daily from 15:00 to move pedestrians and rchshaar al Barid Dahiyat opens today (Monday) for the first time to move vehicles and pedestrians from Jerusalem towards ARZA
And klandiia. After
And joint work efforts of Israel Police and civil administration decided to open the gate every day between 15:00-17:00.

If this step is successful, and law and order will be preserved, extending opening hours. The gate.
Is one of the indents a-RAM and Ramallah and will be used by tens of thousands of vehicles, which
Significant off load the klandiia transition. Additionally,
The shopping center recently opened a-RAM and contains many stores will get economic impetus,
To open and provide thousands of jobs for all residents. This is a very significant step for all

Year opened beyond אלג’יב to vehicles to
To alleviate the load at the Qalandia checkpoint. Step
It developed the eljib and the economic growth
In the region, facilitating life texture and stability.

Jerusalem, Yoram halevy emphasized that the additional step in all efforts to assist residents
Area by reducing the load on the klandiia transition. To employees
Many residents, home on the road safer, faster and more efficiently.

Police ”
Jerusalem, Jerusalem envelope and the civil administration will initiate creatively moves
And actions that improve the fabric of life, the management procedure and the quality of life of local residents, along with
Saving teeth for public safety and the beer, “added the Commander. ”
That law and order will be respected and the security situation permitting, the gate will remain open during specified and
Examine the possibility of extending the opening hours for the benefit of residents and employees.

Translated from Hebrew