Police placed a wreath commemorating the police of six million were murdered in the Holocaust. “This raises questions about who should deal with them without the senior standard of the Israel Police.
Yesterday (Monday) at Yad Vashem Museum to Symposium for Yom Hashoah. At the end of the seminar the ב”אוהל memorial ceremony
Remember “the Yad Vashem Museum placed the Police Commissioner, relations between Rooney, 212
Foreign police in memory of the six million killed in the Holocaust.

The seminar has become a tradition in the business year.
In processes which took place in post-war Germany and how German society struggling with moving
And where the crimes committed during the Nazi regime.

“The occupation
About deeply aroused ethical questions, which should let them echo and discusses them without
No time to maintain his humanity, “said the Police Commissioner in the conjugal senior staff participated and Chairman of the Board of the Yad Vashem Museum Mr. Avner Shalev.

Translated from Hebrew