Michael Goldman sent to Auschwitz as a teenager and lost his family. After the country joined the police and served in a unit that was responsible for the interrogation of Adolf iichmanlergel Holocaust Rememberance day, a unique state of Israel with millions of six male victims, we want to bring you the story of Holocaust survivor and retired police officer Michael (Mickey).

Goldman, now 90, was 14 when he was sent to Auschwitz and Birkenau labor camp. He lost his father, mother, brother and sister and left alone in the world. When the country joined the police and the iconic moment of his life as a police officer with the capture of the Nazi oppressor, Adolf Eichmann.
Goldman Chief appointed head of Poland June ב”לשכה” police unit that was responsible for investigating Eichmann to gather evidence and testimonies. In this capacity he also explored Eichmann himself.

During the trial, said one of the witnesses one of the torture methods used by the Nazis-lashes. According to rumors in Przemysl ghetto in Poland, the Nazis held that all prisoners are dead after the blow. However, there was one exception which survived 80 lashes. The trial Prosecutor, Gideon Hausner, asked the witness if he sees in the courtroom the boy being whipped, and replied: “this is the police officer sitting next to you,” pointing to a control.

After the verdict and sentence, it was Goldman Chief who carried the urn of the Nazi oppressor on the boat which tossed the remains at sea. Later became the inspiration for the hit movie “81”. Chief Superintendent Goldman follows police delegations to Poland in recent years within the framework of the project “witnesses in uniform”.

Translated from Hebrew