The police Chief, Ronnie relations 212, noted that the agreement allows cops to be rewarded in the police hognotampch relations between Rooney, 212 today (Mon) payroll supervisor
Working in finance agreements, Kobi amsalem, the wage agreement signed here led by Beth, Minister
MK Gilad erdan, the Finance Minister, MK Moshe kahalon, a month ago.

He noted that Police Commissioner: “no, there is no body representing are not allowed
Unionized. Cops can’t make strikes and cranes. We didn’t have the
This, we listen, understanding the importance of roles and mainly caring much for better police
And mthogmlim fair cops “.

“Come for the job out of a sense of mission and purposes
Wages, however, police officers not NCOs clerical, but rather those who are
At the core of the action. So, detective, detective, majestic warriors, Scouts and everyone else relevant to resistors, agreement that allows them to be compensated fairly. “

Another noted
The Police Commissioner that this wouldn’t have happened without goodwill and evidence of importance task
In the broadest sense, of all parties concerned. From the Ministers
To Bette and finance and for the people in charge of payroll and human resources division.

Kobi amsalem, hired in the Ministry of finance, said:
“The wages of policemen and other issues in the field of police service conditions laid
On my desk with a tried, after the years to exhaust. I saw this topic
Fair compensation for services intensive and played a central objective in my term. Therefore, I had
It is important that the deal closes and signed before leaving the Ministry of finance.

“I’m glad we got together with
Ministry of public security and the Israel Police to reach this historic agreement that regulates these issues. See
To emphasize the importance of the transport police in determining priorities
Internal core roles. This agreement not only line the cops but all citizens
Israel to receive better service quality well mthogmlim officers for the deliver service.
He admitted to Police Commissioner Khan and David אמ”ש, Gila, collaboration
And professionalism.

Translated from Hebrew