Today the Chief command to Yom Hashoah

צילום: דובר צה”ל

To mark Yom Hashoah, the Chief General Gadi Eisenkot, Epistle to IDF || “We carry on our shoulders the responsibility to continue to hold the torch of liberty with Israel and fight for the country’s security.”

תאריך: 05/04/2016, 09:30    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

IDF commanders, soldiers and civilian employees of the IDF

Today, the Holocaust martyrs ‘ and Heroes ‘ Remembrance, we remember and hurt the fate of fellow six million; Men and women, old people and children, separated from their families, hungered for a piece of bread, a drop of water and recover marched in silent scream to death, solely because they were born Jewish. We remember the million and a half children were living. We remember the families and communities destroyed and left them. We remember the side discovered the pain and despair. We remember and remind the crowd as opposed to humiliate, torture and kill indiscriminately to one purpose: to destroy the Jewish people, and to delete it from the history.

On this day we stop to remember even in victory aboard the extermination machine. Brothers and sisters stood side by side in the extermination camps, ghettos, and hiding in the Woods, and struggled to remain human in the world disappeared from heat and humanity. In doing so, they increased to destroy efforts to subdue the minds, bodies and people.

On this day we cherish the survivors who experienced the horrors and insisted the remaining orphans to survive, family and country. The bsharit brothers, their aliyah and Israel fought to build the House, the home of the Jewish people. Together, they raided the prisoner subjected to the authority of others, and wore the uniform of the shield.

In the persistent standing for their right to exist and to build them a home, brothers and sisters gave us the right to live in a Jewish State democratic security, which we are all equal, which we as humans.

On this day to remember our fellow survivors, some recent remains to their families, who fell in Israel systems. So remember and cherish the martyrs who fell in the war against the Nazis.

Commanders and soldiers,

We soldiers and commanders in the army of Israel news. The proxies and gshimi prayers of people who shouted that shield them and murdered, voiceless and defenseless. We continue today the heritage of the Jewish defenders, those who fought against the Nazi oppressor of Europe and those who fought our enemies in Israel Israel. We carry on our shoulders the responsibility to continue to hold the torch of liberty with Israel, to fight for the country’s security.

Between us the last generation that experiences the horrors firsthand and see everything in his eyes – the destruction and resurrection, the family was killed and an Israeli family. This is our promise to them that even when no longer among us, voices will remain and be heard. We carry their memories with us and swear out loud and clear: don’t let history repeat itself. “Never again!”  Wearing IDF uniforms and holding the flag State, we pledge against asylum seekers with Israel against us will be strong at all times. Keep vigilant and defend our home – we are the shield of Israel.

May their memory.

The Holocaust Memorial Day may 2016, General Gadi Eisenkot Chief of staff

Translated from Hebrew