The number of attacks in December 2016 was similar to that of the previous month: 98 (including 67 firebomb attacks), compared to 95 in November. In Judea and Samaria, 87 attacks were executed in December, compared to 84 in November. Ten attacks were carried out in Jerusalem, compared to November’s nine, and one attack originated from the Gaza Strip, compared to two in November.

December’s terror attacks wounded 6 Israelis (two civilians and four security personnel). Two of the injuries resulted from shooting attacks: an Israeli civilian was injured in Aboud near Ramallah (19 December), and a security officer was injured in Balata refugee camp in Nablus (23 December). Three of the Israelis were injured in stabbing attacks: two security personnel in Jerusalem (14 December), and one civilian in Efrat/Gush Etzion (23 December). Another security officer was injured in an IED attack in Beit Ummar in the Hebron area (17 December).


Data regarding terror attacks in December 2016: 


Following is a regional distribution of attacks:

1 attack from the Gaza Strip (2 in November); 87 attacks in Judea and Samaria (84 in November); 10 attacks in Jerusalem (9 in November).

Jerusalem and the J&S area – most attacks executed in December (67 out of 97) were firebomb attacks (November: 72 out of 93 attacks).


Following is the distribution of attacks executed in December by region and type of attack:

One attack from the Gaza Strip – a shooting attack.

In J&S and Jerusalem – 97 attacks: 19 IED attacks (including pipe bombs and improvised grenades); 9 small arms shooting attacks; 2 stabbings (1 in Jerusalem); 67 firebomb attacks (9 in Jerusalem). 

High-trajectory shooting from the Gaza Strip and Sinai


Throughout December 2016, as in the previous month, no rockets or mortar shells were launched** from the Gaza Strip toward Israel.


** Clarification: the number of launches is the number of rockets/mortar shells actually launched during one high-trajectory fire attack. For example, one attack may include a salvo of three launches, that is, three rockets/mortar shells, and so it will be counted as one attack and three launches.